Chimney Inspections

If your chimney has an issue, then it may pose a hazard to your home. It may not provide proper ventilation during use. We offer chimney inspections to ensure that everything is working properly and that you and your home are safe! 

Cleaning Repairs

For chimney cleaning and repairs in Longview, give A #1 Soot DR LLC a call today. We use the best techniques and methods to ensure that your home’s chimney is fully cleaned and doesn’t have any issues!

Tuck Point

Tuckpointing restores the mortar between the bricks on your chimney. If you notice that the spaces between your bricks are wearing down, then give us a call for professional tuckpointing services in Longview and the surrounding areas! 


Creosote often accumulates in chimneys as a result of wood burning. When allowed to accumulate, it may lead to chimney fires, which make it an important thing to keep on the lookout for. If you notice creosote buildup, then give us a call for creosote removal services!

Crown Seal

Chimney crowns help to protect your chimney from rain and environmental damage. For chimney crown sealing services in Longview and the surrounding areas, contact A #1 Soot DR LLC today! 


Chimney liners help to prevent your home from the dangers that occur with a chimney. For chimney liner installation or replacement services, the professionals at A #1 Soot DR LLC are able to help! 

Chimney Caps & Stain Steel Caps

Chimney caps are popular, as they protect chimneys from rain and other environmental hazards. It’s important to have one, especially with the rainy weather here in Washington and Oregon. We also provide stainless steel chimney caps for a modern touch. Give us a call for chimney cap installation services! 

Pressure Wash & Water Proofing

Despite the rainy weather, our chimneys and homes still seem to accumulate grime. We provide pressure washing services so that your home can look brand new again! We also waterproof chimneys so that you won’t need to worry about discoloration and staining.